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Our Favorite Mobile Game Newsletters To Boost Your Inbox

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Mike Moran
January 17, 2022
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In this list of mobile games’ most beloved newsletters, we’re sharing the titles every industry professional needs for upleveled expertise delivered right to your inbox.

The games industry is evolving -- fast. New technologies, philosophies, and goals are popping up all over the place, and you -- yes, you -- are expected to keep up. From acquisitions and deals to technical strategies and best practices, staying up-to-date and in-the-know can feel like a full-time job. 

Which is why industry newsletters are the game-changer you need in your corner.

We looked near and far across the world of mobile games to find you the most informative, most original, and most compelling newsletters. Read their breakdowns, sign up (for free), and get that sweet, sweet intel delivered right to your inbox. 

And look: we know your inbox is a sacred place. That’s why we hand-selected every one of these with the intention -- and care -- you deserve. So, without further ado, meet our top industry newsletters (in no particular order)… 

The Mobile Dev Memo Newsletter

Mobile Dev Memo Newsletter - UserWise Mobile Game Liveops

If you’re into mobile advertising, freemium monetization, or bettering yourself as a games industry professional, the Mobile Dev Memo newsletter was made for you. No, really -- it was.

Crafted by verified Freemium Economics mastermind Eric Seufert, the newsletter is as high-value as it is because its goal is simple: to enrich the minds of professionals. It’s not intended for mass consumption and it’s not intended for commercial appeal; it is intended for the trained eyes of the people who, genuinely and unapologetically, care.

With an origin story of capping its email list at 2,000 -- and removing any inactive addresses without pause -- the newsletter became known for demanding its audience be interested. And with engagement rates over double the industry average (hello, a 53.24% open rate), its strategy clearly worked.

To stay hot on the pulse of what’s new and exciting, sign up for Seufert’s masterpiece, the weekly Mobile Dev Memo Newsletter, and you’ll get…

  • Analytics stuffed articles (like ‘The Digital Advertising Fear Complex’)
  • Wide-lens news reports (like ‘Digital Privacy is Now an Unstoppable ‘Three Body Problem’’)
  • Evidence-backed opinions (like ‘In-Game Downloading vs. Playstore Downloading’)

Get your uniquely upleveled understanding on here: The Mobile Dev Memo Newsletter

Deconstructor of Fun Newsletter

Deconstructor of Fun Newsletter - UserWise

If we’re talking industry big leagues here, then Deconstructor of Fun is an absolute must. 

Famous for its esteemed contributors, its distilling of news, and its hot-take breakdowns of what’s new and exciting on the market, the Deconstructor of Fun brand is as widely referenced as it is well-regarded. But that doesn’t mean it’s only comfortable pumping out the status quo. 

Constantly pushing boundaries and unraveling game-making philosophies and ideas, the minds behind Deconstructor of Fun are thoroughly dialed into what makes their content so engaging: the originality. So they’re taking their distinctive touch and applying it -- generously -- to their weekly newsletter. (Or should we say… weekly masterpiece.)

With one of the largest followings in the industry, the Deconstructor of Fun newsletter is part key industry news and part thought-leader deep-dive, examining the intricacies of what makes the games world so extraordinary. An example newsletter can move from the wide-lens rationale of the Women in Games movement (hello, attracting top talent) to actionable tips for responding to the impact of ATT (like investing in retention tactics), and then throw in a game analysis to top things off. 

With the Deconstructor of Fun Newsletter, you’ll be witnessing a deconstrcutor for the ages -- including goods like:

  • Breakdowns of the hottest innovations (and corresponding doubts)
  • The most surprising failures, rationalized
  • ‘The Game to Play’ -- which includes a new mobile game recommendation every edition, backed up with sturdy reasoning

Ready for the opinions, analyses, and gold dust? Get ‘em here: The Deconstructor of Fun Newsletter

ironSource’s LevelUp Newsletter

ironSource LevelUp Newsletter | UserWise Mobile Game LiveOps Platform of the Future

Scaling. Monetizing. Conquering. (The competition, that is.) If you know ironSource, you know that’s their M.O. – helping app developers boost their knowledge and their metrics. And if you don’t know ironSource, we’re about to alter the utility of your inbox. Because their newsletter? It does not mess around. 

But first, let’s zoom out to see their whole content landscape. From free-to-read case studies and a wealth of blog posts to value-packed eBooks and a deep-diving podcast, one glance at the ironSource site gives you the sense that, if the proof is in the pudding, they’ve got a lot of pudding. And their mission is oriented around sharing it – with their 2.3 billion active monthly users, who (not so coincidentally) make up 87% of the market’s top 100 games.

But instead of making the hard-working pro’s come to them, ironSource decided to do the industry a vast solid – and send breakdowns of top-notch insight right to their inboxes. Which is where the LevelUp Newsletter comes into play. A swirl of advice, proven tricks, and app industry news, the newsletter combines happenings with opinions to make for a consistently well-rounded package.

If you’re looking for a newsletter that can help you undeniably level up (see what we did there?) your prowess this year,  check out ironSource’s newsletter for goods like…

  • A Top Story runthrough that covers the main points of a high-value piece, like veteran Creative Director Stanislav Stankovic’s (one of our 2022 influencers) take on the Different Risks of New Game Projects
  • This week’s Tips & Tricks listings, on topics like How to Scale Creative Production and How to Develop a Winning Indie Title
  • An ICYMI section devoted to summarizing the biggest industry news stories, from Netflix Releasing 2 New Mobile Games to Epic Buying Harmonix

In order to join the best of the best, you’ve got to position yourself for optimal intel absorption – which is precisely what subscribing here makes possible: ironSource’s LevelUp Newsletter

Udonis Newsletter

Udonis Newsletter - UserWise Mobile Game LiveOps Platform

If you’re immersed in the games industry, odds are you’re familiar with the powerhouse that is Udonis. A mobile app marketing company unlike any other, Udonis is known for its innovative, boundary-pushing approach to target points like user acquisition, monetization, and growth consulting -- but it’s not just the games that work with the company professionally that glean its know-how.

And that’s because Udonis has a door-wide-open approach. From its wildly useful blog to its never failing weekly newsletter, it offers the full range of what it knows to its captivated audience -- for free. 

That means you get complete breakdowns on high-value topics, and you get them sent directly to your inbox. So all you need to do effort-wise is sign up… and open the edition every Thursday.

Look -- we know it can feel like there’s a steady stream of metrics, trends, and reports to make sense of. We know it can feel chaotic. But that’s why we’re such steadfast fans of Udonis content -- because they make it simple to get on-board. They make it simple to digest the right intel, and they make it simple to turn that intel into action. Your way. 

Step 1 on your route to more informed action? Signing up for the Udonis Newsletter -- and receiving unparalleled doses of intel, such as… 

  • How-To Articles -- like ‘How to Advertise a Casual Game in 2021’
  • Thorough Analyses -- like ‘Switchcraft Advertising Analysis: The Evolution of Match 3’
  • Original Tactics & Strategies on monetization, marketing, and beyond

Interested? Of course you are. Here’s your tunnel to professional impact: The Udonis Newsletter

N3TWORK Newsletter

N3TWORK Newsletter - UserWise

Whether you’ve heard of the N3TWORK Technology platform for game-makers already or not, their newsletter is one for the books. And that’s because their day-to-day requires them to possess a steady grasp on whitepapers, case studies, and industry news -- which they’re then able to distill down and send right over to you.

A company that’s known for its publishing, insights, and performance marketing capabilities, N3TWORK is leading the charge in helping games of all sizes reach their highest impact potential. Which is the same mission it applies to every member of its audience: how can their data, trend analyses, and masterful case studies illuminate something of high-relevance and high-value?

They answer that question over and over again in their specially-crafted doses of newsletter content, bringing you the actionable goods you need most. With a ‘Weekly Reads’ rundown integrating articles they’ve developed internally with external reports, every newsletter takes you through the most recent industry takes. And offers you the most thought-provoking fodder for next steps.

Get the N3TWORK Newsletter in your inbox if you want to behold original insights like…

  • Articles that contextualize today’s biggest game wins -- within the historical framework of the industry (like ‘IGN 25: The Game, a Love Letter to Gaming & Entertainment History’)
  • Articles that analyze game design successes -- and then theorize how to compound that success in the future (like ‘Leveraging the Holiday Spirit to Boost Mobile Game Revenue’)
  • Articles crafted by external sources that their own team uses to sharpen their expertise (like ‘App Annie: Consumers Downloaded 14.3B Games in Q3’)

Trust us on this one: you don’t want to miss out. So put the masterful mix of content in your back pocket (ahem… inbox) here: The N3TWORK Newsletter 


Master the Meta Newsletter

Master the Meta Newsletter - UserWise

Given the speed of change our industry is facing, every professional – independent or part of a major company – can use all the help they can get. Which is where Naavik enters the picture.

A research, consulting, and advisory firm that focuses on giving industry players the guidance, support, and analyses they need to make the most of their product or strategy’s potential, Naavik has worked with some of the biggest names in games. Ubisoft. Facebook. App Annie. They’ve proven that they’re worth their salt for the big leagues – but that hasn’t stopped them from bringing their insight to the little guys.

Or more aptly: to the little guys’ inboxes.

Naavik’s Master the Meta Newsletter is a weekly compilation of reports, breakdowns, and backed up opinions on the state of our industry today – and the trajectory of it tomorrow. With substance-packed sections that explain as well as they analyze, it’s no wonder that Master the Meta is a favorite among experts. 

Join the devoted professionals who sing the praises of Master the Meta and prepare for inimitable – and actionable – wisdom, including…

  • Big picture trends, like the growth arc of Gaming Venture Capital
  • Game-specific metrics, like understanding the significance of Aurory – a Play-to-Earn fantasy action game that aims to pull players into the Solana ecosystem and larger cryptocurrency arena
  • Entire segments for further (relevant, exciting) reading AND featured industry jobs

This is a future-focused opportunity you don’t want to sleep on – and it costs you nothing to harness. Get it here: Master the Meta Newsletter

Sensor Tower Newsletter

Sensor Tower Newsletter | UserWise Mobile Game LiveOps

If you want to be a consistent force in the industry, you need to know more than just your own game’s niche. You need to have the full picture. And with globally renowned Sensor Tower’s monthly newsletter, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Sensor Tower is the insight provider for all things app economy related. From store intelligence to ad intelligence, usage intelligence to app intelligence, the powerhouse company has a platform for every category of intel. And their metrics are as widespread as they are intricate – and thought provoking. 

But whether or not you’re a game or game publisher that enlists the paid platform services of Sensor Tower, you can – as an independent professional – benefit from their wealth of data. Distilled down into palatable pieces, of course. All it takes is one glimpse at their seemingly never-ending stream of blog content to understand that, yes, they know their stuff… but they care about making sure you know it, truly and deeply, too.

Once a month, they turn that mosaic of market insight into a perfectly crafted newsletter – succinct enough to give you the goods serenely, yet packed enough to ensure you can take the knowledge and run.

If you want to get your hands on the pointers that set the great apart from the good, check out the Sensor Tower Newsletter for gems including…

  • Lists that cover vast market space, like the Top Mobile Games Worldwide for October 2021 (By Downloads) rundown
  • Individual game numbers (with strategy-backed rationale), like the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Crosses $250M in Lifetime Player Spending breakdown

  • Real-time current events and their impact on key players in the industry, like the Roblox Outage Sparks Usage Rise in Rival Mobile Games Minecraft & Among Us analysis

This is the year for adding data-driven goodness to your arsenal. Here’s how you do it: The Sensor Tower Newsletter

GameMakers Newsletter

GameMaker's Newsletter | UserWise

Sometimes we get a surge of reliable numbers. Sometimes we get a surge of practical news. And sometimes, when the games gods smile down at us, we get a surge of both – situated in a heavy-handed serving of passion. 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet GameMakers. Headed by Joseph Kim, LILA Games CEO and ever-present industry blogging/podcasting personality, GameMakers runs the full gamut of mobile games know-how. From product management to marketing, philosophy to strategy, game development to game design, Kim doesn’t just have the masterful ability to execute. He has the masterful ability to teach you how to execute too.

The GameMakers Newsletter is one part strategic mastermind, one part inspiring pep talk, and one part open dialogue with the best of the best. With each edition covering a different topic in detail – and including a corresponding podcast – it’s truly a multimedia gift of delight (and insight) for your inbox. 

If you want to feel like you’re part of the exclusive VIP section of games-driven conversation, check out Kim’s newsletter for fascinating musings like…

  • Predictions for how the industry will change, in opportunities and risks, in the next decade (featuring the CEO of Sneaky Panda, the Head of Insights at App Annie, & the SVP Publishing Solutions at IronSource)
  • Processes and strategies for being the best tech leader possible (featuring the Founder of 8 Bit Coaching, the CTO of Super Evil Megacorp, & the CTO of LILA Games)
  • Strategy breakdowns of major industry companies – and analyses of their impact, successful or not (featuring Zynga, AppLovin, Skillz, & Jam City)

Don’t miss out on the topics, debates, and ideas – from leading names in the games world – that this title offers you, free of charge. Get it all here: The GameMakers Newsletter 

EGD Newsletter

Elite Game Developers Newsletter - UserWise

There are only a few newsletters that the most senior, most knowledgeable industry leaders read religiously, and one of them is the Elite Game Developers – also known as EGD – Newsletter. 

Penned by Joakim Achrén, a permanent fixture in the games industry founders’ club for the past 15+ years, the EGD Newsletter is a mix of reporting (on gaming startups, funding, and M&A’s) and advice. And who better to offer advice than a professional who’s been through the ups and downs – and made it out the other side?

After his first company lost momentum, Achrén spent some time working at Supercell – and then, two years later, founded his second company, Next Games. It was an unequivocal success. Knowing he had insights to share and passion to spread, Achrén left Next Games to launch EGD… with the primary purpose of arming games founders with the intel they need to overcome challenges and harness staying power.

And that’s exactly what the EGD Newsletter delivers on each and every week. With clear rundowns on eye-opening topics and a relevant podcast (hosted by Achrén) and links for further reading, it’s as multifaceted as it is downright engrossing. But don’t just trust us – see for yourself.

When you add yourself to the EGD community, you’ll be garnering high-level, original acumen consistently, with weekly edition topics including…

  • How to avoid burnout as a founder, with the actionable tips Achrén swears by
  • Which emerging industry trends (NFT’s, environmental activism) to capitalize on and which to avoid
  • Predictions for how games startups will fare in 2022, complete with data-backed theories – and a whole lot of optimism

To join the list of games industry leaders and founders who are already benefiting – massively – from Achrén’s insight, subscribe today: the EDG Newsletter


So there you have it…

The daily and the weekly. The news and the analyses. The local and the global. 

In our 2021 Newsletter Wrap Up, we covered all our bases. We showed you what’s out there, we zoomed in on the nuances, and we got you excited about the options. We made it clear that newsletters can serve as your secret weapon to upleveled insight, and we sang the praises for wielding them however makes the most sense to you.

You don’t need to check them religiously. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed.

Instead, you can pop in and out of the breakdowns you want -- and leave the rest untouched. Unread. Un-worried about. 

Newsletters are a game-changer. They’ve helped us stay on top of things, glean new knowledge, and form new opinions, and we’re confident they’ll have the same effect on you. But only if you let them. So work your way through the list, source the publishers and editions that speak to you, and give them the chance to work their magic. 

You won’t regret it -- and your professional prowess, in 2021 and beyond, will thank you.


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